This is my personal project, I called it “Naughty Quadro”

Before I started this, I never had in mind something like “I want to do this or that class or style of bike”. No, I just wanted to make something cool, something that brings positive emotions to people, yet looks like a bike that has enough guts to blast through the streets so people can hear miles away. Silly thinking, but that’s what I like about motorcycles.

The bike is based on Ducati's 1199 Panigale Superquadro engine and chassis. That's where part of the name is coming from. Other parts of the bike were either designed by me or found on earlier Ducati models like that classy swingarm from S2R 1000 Monster. I think its easily one of the most beautiful swingarms ever made.

I'm industrial designer in toy industry now. And I think we should always be kids at all ages. It makes life a lot more joyful. That's the philosophy I tried to put into the design of this bike. I actually asked my wife’s 6 year old brother to paint me some drawings that I can use later on in my process. Those beautifully written words “DUCATI” on either side of gas tank is his creation. 

I'm not an engineer, although I tried to be as much realistic as possible, I feel like there are a lot bad things about this bike, in the actual physical/engineering sense. I don’t know, maybe not? In the end this is more of a concept, so hopefully it will be judged as a concept. 

List of software used:

- Blender (modeling and rendering)
- Substance Painter (texturing)
- Zbrush (modeling)
- Adobe Premier (video editing and color grading)
- Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop (image editing and color grading)

"...the idea of a 200+ hp Scrambler has me all kinds of excited and deathly scared all at the same time."

"It did not occur to many people that the razor-sharp and insane 1299 Panigale could make for an interesting retro-themed roadster. But Alexey made it happen."

"It’s really well-crafted."

" demonstrates when the computer is useful, almost indispensable, to put ideas into practice before launching into a project.. great deal of work."