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Owner: KISKA
Client: KTM

Images of KTM 890 Adventure R. Model year 2023. I don't own the rights to the images.
Download here:
Responsible for: modeling, texturing, lighting, post-production. 

472655_890 ADVENTURE R MY23 Front-Right_MY23_02 Studio Images.jpg
472656_890 ADVENTURE R MY23 Rear-Left_MY23_02 Studio Images.jpg
472652_890 ADVENTURE R MY23 90-Right_MY23_02 Studio Images.jpg
472651_890 ADVENTURE R MY23 90-Left_MY23_02 Studio Images.jpg
472654_890 ADVENTURE R MY23 Front-Left_MY23_02 Studio Images.jpg
472653_890 ADVENTURE R MY23 Front_MY23_02 Studio Images.jpg
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